Poems for St Basils

Captain’s Log 01/08/19 11:07


I’m back in Milner Court, delivering some poems. I’m sat in a circle in the communal living space with Chappo, Naya, Ibrahim, Vita and a lad in a Family Guy t-shirt called Jake, who I didn’t meet last time. Continue reading “Poems for St Basils”


Boston: ‘The Most Divided Place in England’

Boston 2

When I told my friends I was doing Door-to-Door Poetry in Boston, they all thought I was going to America. In fact, the original Boston is a small town in Lincolnshire, known for the surrounding farming industry and for landmarks like ‘The Stump’, which is one of the largest parish churches in England.

Boston is also famous for being ‘the UK’s most Eurosceptic town’, Continue reading “Boston: ‘The Most Divided Place in England’”

National: The Anti-Fracking Nanas

Captain’s Log 29/01/19 10:39


I’m on a train heading to Preston in Lancashire. I’m crammed on a 4 seater next to some businessmen, who’ve filled the overhead compartment with their luggage. I’m surrounded by bags, wearing about 6 layers and roasting alive. But despite this, I’m incredibly excited. A few weeks ago, I found out I got a grant from the Arts Council to visit 10 places around England as a Door-to-Door Poet.  Continue reading “National: The Anti-Fracking Nanas”