St Gemma’s Delivery

Captain’s Log 13/12/19 12:03


It’s Friday the 13th and I’m back at St Gemma’s Hospice. It’s the day after the general election and everything feels [amazing/apocalyptic] delete where appropriate. I’m here to deliver my poems for Lewis, Murray and Sharon, who are all patients here and are all approaching the end of their lives. Continue reading “St Gemma’s Delivery”

St Gemma’s Hospice


I first found out about St Gemma’s Hospice when I got an e-mail from Clare, whose actual job title was the ‘Head of Transformation’. She’d heard about me going door-to-door, writing poems for residents, and she wondered if I’d be up for getting involved in a different opportunity. St Gemma’s, she explained, is a charity that offers palliative and end of life care, for free, to the people of Leeds. Would I be interested in writing some poems for the patients? Continue reading “St Gemma’s Hospice”

London- Part 2- The Neasden Temple

Neasden Temple 2

My trip to Tottenham Lock left me feeling like I wasn’t quite finished in London. I couldn’t help wondering if visiting houseboats was somehow easier than visiting a house? I’d had a 100% success rate, which was unusual. And I’d been warned that there was absolutely no way this project would work in this city. I didn’t want to leave any room for doubt.
Continue reading “London- Part 2- The Neasden Temple”