Back to the Nanas

Captain’s Log 20/02/19 09:15

I’m in Ruth’s kitchen, aka ‘Nana Flapjack HQ’. This morning I’m dropping off my poem at an anti-fracking demonstration on Preston New Road. Continue reading “Back to the Nanas”


National: The Anti-Fracking Nanas

Captain’s Log 29/01/19 10:39


I’m on a train heading to Preston in Lancashire. I’m crammed on a 4 seater next to some businessmen, who’ve filled the overhead compartment with their luggage. I’m surrounded by bags, wearing about 6 layers and roasting alive. But despite this, I’m incredibly excited. A few weeks ago, I found out I got a grant from the Arts Council to visit 10 places around England as a Door-to-Door Poet.  Continue reading “National: The Anti-Fracking Nanas”

Little Frank’s Poem

Captain’s Log 18/03/17 17:04


I’m in another taxi in Ponteland. Me and the driver have got lost on the way to Jeff, Lindsay and Max’s house.
“I think it’s back the way we came,” I say. He pulls into a drive on Runnymede Road, getting ready to turn round. I realise we’ve just pulled into the right drive.
“Oh no wait, it’s this one.” We both laugh awkwardly.
Continue reading “Little Frank’s Poem”